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It’s that time of the year again, a new year, where I review what I have done in the last 12 months.


Based on last year goals, I finally able to swim freestyle 50m without out of breath. I have not taking mandarin class yet, maybe this year.

On the side projects, I focus on awwan, publish its website along with its tour.

Side projects

ArchLinux GCP image (fork)

There are 21 commits with some notables changes,

  • all: set default ops-agent syslog from systemd_journald

    Systemd journald in ArchLinux does not forward the log to syslog anymore. This fix empty instance log in Cloud Logs Explorer.

  • all: install google-compute-engine-oslogin

    This changes require reorder the repository, by moving "" repository on top of "gce", because the gce provides old version os oslogin, while provides the latest one.


Asciidoctor-go the Go module to parse the AsciiDoc markup and convert it into HTML5, have 26 commits and four releases, with notable features,

  • all: add support for unordered list with '-'

  • all: add support for document attribute "last-update-label"

  • all: implement inline macro for passthrough ("pass:")

  • all: implement macro "footnote:"


awwan, a command-line interface (CLI) to shell script, that can execute multiple lines of commands in local or remote server using shell or SSH; now have a website at and a tour , where user can experiment with awwan using web-user interface.

Total commits is 251, five releases, with notable changes,

  • Adding support for encryption, with two new commands "encrypt" and "decrypt" for encrypting and decrypting file with RSA private key.

  • all: implement remote "#get!" and "#put!" with owner and mode

  • all: log all execution into file

  • all: add magic command "#local"

  • internal/cmd: add flag "address" for command www-awwan::

  • all: implement command "env-get" to get value from environment files

  • all: implement command to set environment value with "env-set"

  • _wui: implement Encrypt

  • _wui: implement Decrypt

  • _wui: implement button to stop execution


ciigo, a library and a program to write static web server with embedded files using AsciiDoc and Markdown markup format, has 34 commits and seven releases, with notable changes,

  • all: fix empty line printed on ToHTMLBody or ToHTMLEmbedded

  • all: ignore parsing block image in paragraph

  • all: bring back support for Markdown

  • all: ignore error permission when listing file markups


Duitku is Go library and client for In the past year it received 31 commits with no release yet., a Go website translation for Go community in Bahasa Indonesia, does not have much changes in the past year. Only six commits that does not add new translations.


gotp a command line interface to manage and generate Time-based One Time Password (TOTP); receive 24 commits and four releases with notable changes,

  • all: add bash completion script

  • all: add command to remove the private key

  • all: add command to set private key

  • all: implement command "get"

  • all: unfold private key path before reading

  • Makefile: add task to install and uninstall gotp in macOS


haminer, a library and program to parse and forward HAProxy logs, does not have any update in the past year, except updating dependencies.


karajo is an HTTP workers and manager, similar to cron but works and manageable with HTTP. Karajo receive 128 commits with five releases. Notable changes,

  • Add Job as scheduler

  • Add Job as WebHook

  • loading Job and JobHttp configuration from directory

  • HTTP APIs for pausing and resuming Job

  • all: implement login page

  • all: implement notification using email

    Karajo server now support sending notification when the job success or failed with inline log inside the email body.


rescached is a daemon that caching internet name and address on local memory for speeding up DNS resolution. In the past year, it receives 14 commits and two releases, with one notable changes,

  • all: remove loading system hosts file::

    Loading and caching system hosts file (for example, /etc/hosts in POSIX) will leaks internal hosts if the rescached server is open to public.

    The system hosts file are handled by nssswitch.conf "files" internally so no need to loading it.


share is a collection of tools, public HTTP APIs, and libraries written and for working with Go programming language. In the past year it receives 412 commits and 11 releases. Some notable changes,

  • lib/http: add methods PutForm and PutFormData on Client

  • lib/http: add function MarshalForm

  • clise: implement io Closer, Writer, StringWriter, and ByteWriter

  • clise: add method UnmarshalJSON

  • lib/time: implement Scheduler

  • lib/time: add new type Clock

  • lib/bytes: add function DumpPrettyTable

  • lib/bytes: add function SplitEach

  • lib/dns: add function ParseZone

  • lib/dns: add method WriteTo to Zone

  • lib/http: add function to parse multipart Range response for Client

  • lib/http: add support for HTTP Range in Server

  • lib/io: add method ReplaceAll on Reader

  • lib/parser: add method TokenTrimSpace

  • lib/parser: add method SetDelimiters

  • lib/telemetry: new package for collecting and forwarding metrics

  • lib/bytes: implement function ParseHexDump

  • lib/bytes: implement tokenize Parser

  • lib/bytes: add function TrimNull

  • lib/net: add method WriteTo to ResolvConf

  • cmd/bcrypt: CLI to compare or generate hash using bcrypt

  • lib/sql: add type DmlKind

  • email/maildir: implement Folder

  • lib/net: add function WaitAlive

  • lib/smtp: implement Client SendEmail

  • lib/ascii: add type Set

  • lib/net: implement generic PollEvent

  • lib/dns: fix leaking internal zone

  • lib/errors: implement method Is

  • lib/email: add method ID to Header

  • test/mock: implement mock for testing io.ReadWriter or io.StringWriter

  • lib/crypto: add function LoadPrivateKeyInteractive

  • lib/crypto: implement RSA encrypt and decryption for large message size

  • ssh/sftp: add method to close client connection

  • lib/ssh: add method Close to Client

  • lib/http: implement Server-Sent Events (SSE)

  • lib/net: add method Read

  • lib/crypto: add support for reading passphrase using SSH_ASKPASS

  • lib/memfs: add method JSON to Node

  • ssh/config: add method MarshalText and WriteTo

  • lib/ssh: implement method Output on Client

  • ssh/sftp: implement method MkdirAll on Client

  • cmd/httpdfs: implement [libhttp.Server] with [memfs.MemFS]


trunks is a Go library that provide HTTP service with web user interface to test HTTP and/or WebSocket endpoints and for load testing HTTP endpoints. In the past year it receives 19 commits and two releases. Most notable changes,

  • all: fix panic when attacking HTTP due to nil Attack handler

  • _www: replace WebSocket handlers with HTTP endpoints

  • all: add boolean Kind for FormInput, FormInputKindBoolean

  • all: check and call ConvertParams when running HttpTarget

What’s next?

In the end of December 2023, my last company is shutting down their operation, so I am unemployed this year.

My goals this year is finding new start-up or company that I can work on and probably start looking for new house.