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The year 2022 has passed, and now we enter the second month of 2023. Seems like time goes by in the blink of an eye. I feel like I has not accomplished much last year, so I need to re-count it to boost my self confident.


My personal accomplishment this year is I am finally able to swim. I started to learn swimming probably around Feb 2022. The breaststroke style takes me around three or four months. The rest of the year is learning the freestyle, and I have not made it until today.

In the December, I finally got chances to experience free diving for the first time.

Side projects

ArchLinux GCP image (fork)

The fork started because I need default configuration and applications on image without need to install them on the first boot. Later, the fork grows,

  • Replacing grub with systemd-boot.

  • Using en_GB.UTF-8 as default local instead of en_US.UTF-8.

  • Additional pre-installed packages: vim-minimal, tmux, mosh, rsync, unzip.

  • Pre-installed ops-agent binary from AUR

  • Using worldwide pacman mirrorlist instead of dynamic.


The asciidoctor-go project has 53 commits, 4 minor releases, and 1 major release. Some notable changes,

  • all: add support for document attribute "last-update-label"

  • all: implement inline macro for passthrough ("pass:")

  • all: implement macro "footnote:"

  • all: support multi line attribute values

  • all: fix parsing list description inside include directive

  • all: refactoring handling generate ref ID

See the full ChangeLog for more information.


The awwan project has 40 commits and 4 releases. Some notable changes,

  • all: change the awwan software license to GPL 3.0 or later

  • cmd/awwan: make the "help" and "version" as command

  • all: changes the way to build JavaScript using esbuild

  • all: fix the #get! statement when executing on local

  • _AUR: add package script for Arch Linux user

The is new project, its contain a collection of shell scripts,

  • script to recursively scan directory and remove executable-bit from file that may not an executable.

  • script fetch the latest commits from all git repositories under a directory.

  • script to decode JWT with optional secret to check for signature.

  • script to open new tmux session with start directory based on configuration in ~/.tmux.session.

  • script that activate only one wireguard connection from list of configuration in /etc/wireguard/*.conf or turning off all of them if no parameter is given.


The ciigo project has 55 commits and 7 releases. Some notables changes,

  • all: fix adoc files not re-converted when template file changes

  • all: re-licensing ciigo under GPL-3.0 or later

  • all: check for excluded file before processing sub directory

  • all: add CSS for admonition block

  • all: generate HTML meta data and replace the top header title

  • all: export internal htmlGenerator as Converter

  • all: add package build for Arch Linux


The duitku is Go library for This is new project started on October 2022. Currently its provided Client APIs for listing banks, disbursement, and merchants.

Since 2022, there are not much changes to public website nor to the tour, only 6 commits with no release. Some notable changes,

  • _content: hapus bagian Wicara

  • cmd/www-golangid: ganti opsi "port" dengan "http"

  • doc/tutorial: terjemahkan "Tutorial: Getting started with multi-module workspaces"


The gotp project started on October 2022 only with one commit. After that there 23 commits with 4 releases, from version 0.1.0 to 0.2.3. Some notable changes,

  • all: re-licensing gotp under GPL-3.0 or later

  • all: fix base32 decoding on secret

  • _AUR: add package build for Arch Linux

  • all: add bash completion script


The haminer project provide a Go library and program to parse and forward HAProxy logs to Influxdb and questdb. The project stop at version 0.1.0 on 2019 and started again on August 2022. Since then there are 25 commits and one release, with some notable changes,

  • all: add support for influxd API v2

  • all: move repository to

  • all: implement forwarder for questdb

  • all: relicensing the haminer to GPL v3

  • _AUR: add package build for Arch Linux


The Indonesian dictionary for hunspell receive 10 commits with two new words with the latest release is v2.3.0 merged to LibreOffice dictionaries.


The karajo project receive 77 commits with 4 releases. Some notable changes,

  • all: re-licensing karajo under GPL-3.0 or later

  • all: add documentation inside the website under /karajo/doc

  • Set minimum Go version to 1.17.

  • Introduce Hook, a HTTP endpoint that execute commands; reverse of Job.

  • Refactoring Environment. Karajo now run under DirBase where all Hook and Job logs, state stored.

  • Refactoring Job configuration.

  • Improve web user interface (WUI) refresh mechanism.

  • Add authorization to Job APIs using secret and signature mechanism.

  • On release v0.5.0 we add auto-refresh when viewing hook’s log, add options to customized hook header signature, and option to set maximum hook running at the same time.


There are 94 commits with 3 releases, from version 4.2.0 to 4.4.0. Some major changes,

  • Re-licensing the software under GPL 3.0

  • Refactoring the resolver command as CLI to rescached server. The resolver command now can manage environment, caches, hosts.d, and zone.d in the server; not just query.

See the full ChangeLog for more information.

share module

The share module contains various Go packages for Go developer. There are 217 commits with 13 releases, from version 0.33.0 to 0.42.0. Some notable changes,

  • lib/os: implement function to Extract compressed and/or archived file

  • lib/http: implement method Download() on Client

  • lib/dns: increase the default UDP packet size to 1232

  • lib/http: implement handler to check each request to Server Memfs

  • lib/memfs: add method Watch to MemFS

  • lib/dns: add method to get the record in HostsFile by name and/or value

  • lib/dns: add method CachesClear to remove all caches

  • lib/net: add method to populate query on ResolvConf

  • lib/dns: add function to create new client using name server URL

  • lib/mlog: add method Close to MultiLogger

  • lib/clise: implement json.Marshaler on Clise

  • net/html: add function NormalizeForID

  • lib/http: add function to unmarshal url.Values using tag form:

  • lib/reflect: implement Set function to set reflect.Value by string

  • lib/reflect: add function Unmarshal

  • lib/reflect: add function Tag to simplify lookup on struct’s field tag

  • lib/test: implement Data, a type to load formatted file for helping test

  • lib/text: add custom MarshalJSON to type Chunk and Line

  • lib/http: add methods PutForm and PutFormData on Client

  • lib/http: add function MarshalForm

  • clise: implement io Closer, Writer, StringWriter, and ByteWriter

  • clise: add method UnmarshalJSON

See the full ChangeLog for more information.


There is not much changes for trunks, with 16 commits and 3 releases, some notable changes are,

  • all: changes the license of trunks software to GPL 3.0 or later

  • _www: set the WebSocket address schema based on URL protocol

  • set the minimum Go version to 1.18

  • all: group all documentations under directory _doc

  • example: fix the HTTP POST handler

  • all: fix all linter warnings

In summary, there are about ~660 commits to side projects with ~45 releases.

What next?

This year I will focus making my freestyle swimming until I can take 50m with less effort, not out of breath. I am also have thinking about taking Mandarin class, but it will take some expenses that I have not have the budget yet.

On the side projects, I need to focus on two or three only, make it polished and provide better user interface and experience.


Counting number of commits by date range,

$ git shortlog --summary --numbered --count \
--since="Jan 1 2022" --before="Jan 1 2023"

List tags by date range,

$ git shortlog --since="Jan 1 2022" --before="Jan 1 2023" \