haminer is a library and program to parse and forward HAProxy HTTP logs.

The HTTP logs is HTTP request that received by HAProxy frontend and forwarded to backend. In default format, it looks like these (split into multi lines, for readability):

<158>Sep  4 17:08:47 haproxy[109530]:
  [04/Sep/2022:17:08:47.264] www~ be_kilabit/kilabit-0.0/0/1/2/3 200 89 - -
  ---- 5/5/0/0/0 0/0 "GET / HTTP/1.1"

See HTTP log format documentation for more information.

Currently, there are two supported database where haminer can forward the parsed log: influxdb and questdb. Haminer support Influxdb v1 and v2.

 +---------+  UDP  +---------+      +-----------+
 | HAProxy |------>| haminer |----->| influxdb  |
 +---------+       +---------+      | / questdb |

In Influxdb, the log are stored as measurement called haproxy. In Questdb, the log are stored as table called haproxy.

The following fields are stored as tags (in Influxdb) or symbol (in Questdb): host, server, backend, frontend, http_method, http_url, http_query, http_proto, http_status, term_state, client_ip, client_port.

And the following fields are stored as fields (in Influxdb) or values (in Questdb): time_req, time_wait, time_connect, time_rsp, time_all, conn_active, conn_frontend, conn_backend, conn_server, conn_retries, queue_server, queue_backend, bytes_read.

Once the log has been accumulated, we can query the data. For example, with Questdb we can count each visited URL using the following query,

select backend, http_url, count(*) as visit from 'haproxy'
group by backend, http_url
order by visit desc;



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