Author: Shulhan

The asciidoctor-go is the Go module to parse the AsciiDoc markup and convert it into HTML5.


Go documentation.


During reverse engineering the AsciiDoc markup, we write the syntax, rules, and format in SPECS.


List of available formatting that are supported on current implementation. Each supported feature is linked to official AsciiDoc Language Documentation The numbered one is based on the old documentation.

Supported metadata or attribute references,

Additional metadata provides by this library,


Unsupported markup

The following markup will not supported because its functionality is duplicate or inconsistent with others markup, or not secure,

Unordered list item with hyphen

The unordered list item with hyphen ('-') cause too much confusion and inconsistency.

Case one, given the following markup,

- Item 1
"A line
of quote"
-- Author

Is the "Author" the sub item in list or we are parsing author of quote paragraph?

Case two, the writer want to write em dash (— in HTML Unicode) but somehow the editor wrap it and start in new line.

As a reminder, the official documentation only recommend using hyphen for simple list item

You should reserve the hyphen for lists that only have a single level because the hyphen marker (-) doesn’t work for nested lists. --


List of features which may be implemented,


Unknown. If you found one, please report it here.


Create tree that link Include directive. Once the included files changes, the parent should be re-converted too.

Include Node
parent -> Parent Node.



The following files compare the HTML generated by asciidoctor and this library:


Repository:: Link to the source code.

Mailing list:: Link to discussion or where to send the patches.

Issues:: Link to open an issue or request for new feature.