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Late night. I just clone the pacman repository to see how pacman read the database file.

$ git clone

The idea is I want to try replicate the library in Go.

When I opened one of the file lib/libalpm/be_package.c in vim, I accidentally hit CTRL+s (this is my shortcut for :w in vim) due to habit, and suddenly the file got auto-formatted due to vim-codefmt configuration that I have in .vimrc,

augroup autoformat_settings
	autocmd FileType bzl AutoFormatBuffer buildifier
	autocmd FileType c,cpp,proto,arduino AutoFormatBuffer clang-format
	autocmd FileType dart AutoFormatBuffer dartfmt
	autocmd FileType go AutoFormatBuffer gofmt

The only way to undo this to git checkout the file.

Since I am curious, I see if I can format this at least in Linux kernel coding style, because the pacman coding style seems follow it too.

I see the man page, but there is no manual page for clang-format,

(ins) 1 $ man clang-format
No manual entry for clang-format

I try clang-format -h, I see

 --style=<string>               - Coding style, currently supports:
                                      LLVM, GNU, Google, Chromium, Microsoft,
									  Mozilla, WebKit.

No style for K&R or Linux kernel. How come? I try to search and found it in kernel documentation that mention about the .clang-format file. You should see the file, its around ~600 lines.

Now, I need to download the file and figure it out how to incorporate it with vim-codefmt.

Do you know how much times I spend to figure this out?

This is where gofmt wins above all.

For the reader that does not know about it, gofmt is CLI that format Go source code. Similar to clang-format for C (and others languages/formats), google-java-format for Java, prettier for JavaScript.

Imagine that if Go does not have it. One repository use their own style, another repository use their own style, and so on. Just like what we have in clang-format for C, there is style for LLVM, GNU (euw), Google, Chromium, and so on.

Thanks the Go authors that foreseen this issue long time ago.