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I made it!

For GopherCon Singapore 2019 I try to submit two papers. The first paper is about "Re-learning Slice",

and the second paper is about haminer: mining HAProxy logs.

Both are not accepted. Sad. But its OK!

My first day of GopherCon is going to workshop at Google Singapore.

Google Singapore
Figure 1. Google Singapore

Actually, this is second day of three days workshop. I can afford only for single day, so I chose the Dave’s session. The instructor is Mr. Dave "Druid" Cheney ;) He gave a talk about Practical Go: Real world advice for writing maintainable Go programs, which is available on his website, for free. A truly druid.

Me with Dave \
Figure 2. Me with Dave `Druid` Cheney

The final day, the conference, is at Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre. There are probably more than 500 gophers attending there, not only from South East Asia, also from Japan, Austria, and Russia.

GopherCon Singapore 2019
Figure 3. GopherCon Singapore 2019

I met so many awesome people there, enthusiastic gophers, and even people from @ardanlabs and Go team.

Some of the talks I like are from Jacob Walker, Understanding Allocations: the Stack and the Heap;

Me and Jacob Walker from @ardanlabs
Figure 4. Hi Jacob!

Michael Matloob, Using and Writing Go Analyses; and from Rebecca Stambler, Go pls stop breaking my editor (the one who responsible for gopls).

Me with @matloob and @stamblerre
Figure 5. Hi @matloob and @stamblerre!

All of the talks are available online.


See you next time GopherCon!