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Luna were just arrived in the Jelang city international airport, so does Sun. They are not from the same country but have the same purpose, for vacation in Siar city, another city in the same country with Jelang city. The only way to get to Siar city from Jelang is with bus. A normal bus with two seat on each side, left and right. Uncomfortable seat that you can’t know how to put your head if you get sleepy. If you seat at the corner, beside mirror, you can bend your head to the mirror but your head will get knocked by mirror if the road is bumpy. If you seat in the out side corner, it will be awkward, because beside you is another people, and the other side is empty space for passing through seats. The only way to sleep is by folding your hand, sit straight, and pretend that you are buddhist monk that has been practising meditation for the half of your life.

The trip to Siar city tooks around four hours. Not long enough and not short enough, its suffice to made your bottom hot and your neck a little bit sore. After waiting for a couple of minutes in bus stop in front of airport exit, Luna, Sun, and other passengers hop on to the bus. The bus is driven by human, everyone called him Lim, he is a male human, fourty to fourty five years olds by looking from his face and eyes; or maybe his job is too boring that make his lineament became older than it though. Luna take seat at the left corner behind mirror, she like to see the view through their trip inside the bus, while Sun take the right seat also behind the mirror. They are both in the same row. Five minutes later, Lim started the engine, and the bus started their trip to Siar.

The route to Siar city from the airport is through the west line, align with the coast side, from south to north. Sometimes you can see the beach from the bus. Luna is lucky, since she seat in the left corner she will see beach more often then the other passenger in the right side. Along the trip, Luna see people from various ethnic playing volley, walking, or just sit on the beach. Sometimes she will just see hotel with three, four, or ten storey with wide parking area beside them, full with guest cars. And sometimes she will see restourant or cafe where people can eat and drink while looking at the landscape of the sea. Everything is look exciting to Luna. Not only because this is her first time taking holiday to the beach but also her first time as being foreigner. Her hometown is located in big city, where everything is surrounded not by mountain but by building. Luna pick his bag, taking out a mirrorless camera that his bough before taking holiday and shoot the picture of the beach.

While Sun, since the bus departed from airport, he only see trees, the wall of rock behind road, a home of fisherman with woods in three to six square meters. The typical fisherman’s home that only have one room, sand floor, with a boat or stall for local food. He sees local kids playing soccer in the sands, with tanned skin, curly hairs, and topless. Sometimes he glance to the left, and see hotel and beach from other side of mirror. Sun is also from big city, crowded with peoples, buildings, and cars. This is also his first trip to the Siar city after working and saving his money for ten years. He beforehand only heard and see the beauty of Siar from their co-workers, ads on TV, and by looking through images that their friend shared on the social media. He open his smartphone and write in one of his social media account "Jelang city is beautiful, but I see that many people here life below a poverty line while majestic hotel stand in front of them. I hope Siar city is not like that.". He click the send button.

Unlike both of passengers, Lim is a native of Siar city. He work as bus driver two years ago after being a tour guide and decided that he need a steady pay job. Since his life, he has seen the both side of passengers. He knew and has been visited the beach, all the hotel, the restourant, and cafe, from guiding his guest while being a tour guide. Some of his friends is also local fisherman, he get percentage when some tourist need to rent a boat for local trip to other island or other part of beach quickly. By his experiences, everything in Jelang and Siar city are look normal.