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I use git to keep tracks of my home configuration and github as my backup server. Accidentally, today, when I run diff on my home directory with my git configuration backup I found that my .gitconfig option "[sendemail]" has been changed, and …​

Oh, wait …​

What if someone also do this on github?

So, I go to github and search for "smtppass". I found some repository with smtppass filled in.

Here is a result that I tried and working,

Github email password leak

Holy github!

Update: I have inform github support about this, and here is the reply from one of their staff.

From: "Haleigh (GitHub Staff)" <>
To: Mhd Sulhan <>
Message-ID: <discussions/d0a63ac0c71311e380db04477d516110/comments/>
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Subject: Re: Email password leak in public repository.
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Hi there,

Thanks for the report. We're checking it out.