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This Society and Culture

I try to not give a fudge about what or how I will live my life, but this society …​ my society and my culture, give too much fuck about me. They judging me for who I am or I may become. They may talk behind me, I maybe not know. They may not talk behind me, I still wouldn't know. But, there is no way that you can't think about how people perceive you, how people ask and talk to you, when you different then anyone else.


This society, my society …​ give too much fuck about everyone else. Your parent, your families, your neighbors, or maybe some of your friends.

This society, my society …​ there is no way that you can't give a fudge, unless you become numb. Unless you cut them from your life and disappear. Unless you pretend to being like them.


Every time I hear some one said that, some one from this society, my society …​ my face smirking. Oh …​ feels like punching them in the face.