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You silly peoples,

All of people on earth will get cancer. Some people will die before they get cancer and some people get cancer and then die. Men, prepare for prostate cancer; women, prepare for breast cancer. All of you prepare for radiation cancer (sunlight), chemical cancer (foods), or just out of nowhere your cells just decides that it’s time to expand the franchise and, voila, you got a tumor.

That just cancer, not including various bacteria and virus out there; Malaria, HIV, swine flu, avian flu, normal flu, you name it.

If you don’t smoke you just minimize the probability of the cause of getting sick (in this case being dead), while many others thing also can cause it. I am not trying to defend the smokers here. Yes, tobacco is bad, everyone know that, even tobacco industry itself put a warning label on it. But, blaming the smoker only because of your health is insuranced and you pay for it, is not fair, blame the cells, in fact blame the sun too, march againt the sun with the sign "Stop radiating us".

My point here is that if you died tomorrow because of car accident, choked to death by food, or slipped on the bathroom floor; instead of mourning at you, I will laughing out loud at you, figuratively rolling on the floor.

So, do you think your life is precious? pfft who are you? Uou are just a little dust in the history of man kind.