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Now lets review some of movie that I has been watching for the last month.


  • *: slashed, deleted after watch it (even not finished).

  • : I already forgot what was the movie is all about.

  • *: just for killing times, but I save it.

  • : OK.

  • *: great, worth to watch.

So, here is the list.

200 pounds beauty *

Korean movie. I think I already saw a story like this before.


Seriously, is this a real production movie? or independent production?


I really does not laugh, at all.

Body of Lies

A movie about "prekill".. or "precrime", ah whatever.

Che Guevara

and then I think, why people idolized Che Guevara’s so much?

Day Night Day Night *


Gangs of New_York

Nice, if it was a true story then I learned the basic history of American: they like war.

Get Smart

I really doesn’t understand, why Hollywood can not make a funny movie, but can produce a funny TV series?


I already forgot what was this movie about.

Ip man *

Just like what I expected from China’s movie.

The Scores


Legendary Assassin

Korean movie. He kill he died, so what.

Lovers Concerto *

Another Korean movie and I am confused.

No Country For Old Man

I really do not like movie without ending, at least give me the sad or bad ending.

Revolutionary Road *

Some time I forgot what was this movie is all about, but now I remember it. It was about American family.

Seven Pounds *

Great movie, I surprised that American can make a story like this.

Slumdog Millionaire *

Great movie, ops, great story actually. I am surprised Indian can make a movie like this, with only one dance.

TaeGukGi *

Great movie from Korean.

The Bank Job

They said, it was true story, I said…​ I love British police.

The Classic

No comment.

The Crew

I always like British movie.



The Love Guru


Tropic Thunder

Kill the director! Please.

Tunnel Rats *

No comment.


OK, thats it. I am gonna kill my self now.

Victim *

No comment.

Wedding Daze

No comment.


No comment.

Zack Miri Make a Pr0n

What a movie …​ :)