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Friday, 13 February 2009.

Opera, the last two release (9.6x) is really buggy, must back to Firefox

Since I am not using Opera anymore, I try to use KMail, for my first impression it seem OK but let time decided it. No, no Thunderbird for now.

Adblock Plus vs NoScript. Adblock Plus some time make browser "stack" or stop at some point, but NoScript fast. Use NoScript!.

Last kernel update on openSuSE 10.3 make my laptop frequently hang, I cannot find the cause, but it must be between one of these: kernel, ndiswrapper, NVidia driver, ndiswrapper, or Opera. Yes, you Opera. Since I am already have my own kernel-2.6.git, I try to use it. But, the last NVidia 180.22 not in good shape, but NVidia look like have a quick respond and release 180.29 to fix it.

With the latest kernel my kpowersave does not work, always 0% charged, or could be my battery is broken.

The Beatles. My first The Beatles album was "1", and that was a great album, giving the big picture of old music and the band to today generation, and since then I thought The Beatles was a pop band (in my opinion Rock’n’Roll was like a Pop version in '60), but after listening to several of their old classic album like "Yellow Submarine", "Revolver" my thought change. This band could not be a pop band, it must be some think like a rock but with…​ hmmm, what is the word…​ roll, that’s it.

And, the last one, my pet project has been launched

Good night, have a nice dreams, and must…​ watch those damn-to-many movie!

Friday, 11 September 2009.

hear, hear!

It’s official that Opera desktop is suck, at least for me.