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"I am a egocentric programmer, and right know I am writing my ego."

Read these link [1], it’s more clearer than this writing.

Working in a team, whether you are a programmer or a team leader, is need a lot of schedule rather than work. This is my point of view of what you should do when building software in a formal team.

For a team leader :

  • Read this first [2].

  • Make a meeting review at least once a week, except when you have a deadline.

    • Leader and worker must communicate to gain more acceptable output.

    • This is the time where the leader explain the next plan.

    • This is the time where the programmer tell the leader which task that has been complete, which task are has not complete (yet), and others problem that maybe need clarification with the leader.

    • This is the time where the leader give solution, or with suggestion from others programmer of course.

  • Make a right schedule for your plan, milestones, and maybe schedule for your programmer, if they do not mind.

  • After meeting, set a schedule for your next plan.

  • After meeting, leave your programmer, do not make any conversation/meeting after the next meeting schedule. Some of my friends say, don’t stand or sit behind programmer, that irritating him.

  • If your programmer does not have their own schedule, give them a deadline!

  • More important one, a team leader must expert in programming, theory and practice; if its not, what can you do to make a better software and helping your programmer? I am asking you?

For the programmer (this will be a question based list) :

  • Do you have a schedule? A very minimum/light schedule is TO-DO list.

  • Do you know what software/application that you will build?

  • Do you have a problem? about what?

    • If the problem is a concept, ask the team leader

    • If he problem is a programming language, do search in Google first.

  • Do you have a suggestion about a better algorithm? or better concept for your software?

    • If you have, tell to the team leader.

    • If you cannot or does not want to tell them, write what they want, it does not hurt at all and make your life more easy.

  • Make a test procedure and test for program.

Like scrum [3].