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This is one of my thoughts before sleep. Just a before-a-sleep imagination, like other cheap science movie :)

Some day in 2012.

Noon 16:33

After some talks and coffees, LBT open his new Laptop, while AST is in front
of him watching. LBT write an e-mail to kernel mailing List, tell them some
thing new about a future of Linux kernel.

Noon 16:41

Lots of hacker in the world got stunned. After reading an email from another
hacker. Some of them say "That's what I want!", and some of them says "That's
impossible, hmm ... maybe possible but need a lot of hard work!", and many of
them says "WTF is this!", "oh... no his started again!".

Noon 16:55

Google screaming! Their search engine and newsreader server got overloaded.

Before Midnight 22:00

Several new git branch has been created in One of them named with

After Midnight 01:00

RMS starting emacs and open his new file called GPL-v4 in
"/root/doc/licenses-4" directory.

Morning 06.00

Welcome to a new world! The world of open source!

~ ~ ~

Four years ago I got a lecture about operating system, and read a book about operating system, yes it was Tannenbaum book. Then I decided to write a kernel based on that book, and based on what the source code in that book.

A few days later, I heard about Linux, its sound silly but I heard them after some searching in Google about minix. It was an era where Google is just plain white html, with one form and one picture above the form.

And few months later I already forgot minix and start using SuSE in my box, got busy with homework and busy with others college task.

Four years later, minix 3 is out. I have graduated from college and still using SuSE. Then I read about minix 3 features again, and got a little surprised. "Oh, my god! this is what I want, why it did take so long?" And I am thinking; thinking about Linux and the future, thinking about minix and what they can do to the future OS development.

A new era of a computer, where we do not got a blue screen anymore, no CTRL+ALT+DEL anymore, and even no "reset" button anymore. It was an idea about what Tannenbaum write in minix 3. It’s cool, it’s hot, and it’s possible.

There were just three mode: "Logout", "Refresh", and "Suspend". "Logout", when you want to get a sleep. "Refresh", when you have fixing a bug in one of your module kernel for two night and need to try it loading in kernel. "Suspend", when (it’s rare for server but maybe just for personal use) you need to save your money from electric bill by suspending your computer. Can you HuRD me?