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This is a list of what I have learned from my experience in the past, and I hope I do not make the same mistake in the future.

If you an Analyst,

  • Do make a good documentation before development.

    • A good documentation can make a fast development.

    • A good documentation can make track every change while in development.

    • A good documentation can make a programmer know about a problem with means they will know which algorithm or logic is the best that they will applied to the problem.

If you a DBA,

  • Do not change a field name in table occasionally.

    • Changes in fields name impact to programmer time, and most programmer does not like it.

    • If you really need to change a field name, make a new field but do not delete the old one, mark them as an absolute.

  • Trigger is fast but trigger can make you triggered in the late of the night after it.

  • Believe me with this one, Oracle suck! do not use it.

If you are a Programmer,

  • Do read and learn. Don’t wasting others team with your stupid question, what you must do is: Googling.

  • Read,

  • Read,

  • and Read!

  • Then ask your friend, if you cannot solve the problem.

  • Algorithm is cheap, time was expensive! Make or use a fastest algorithm as possible!

  • Comment your code, please.