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Besides JAP, which sometimes hard to establishing connection to free server, there is another alternative for connect anonymous on Internet and bypassing proxy limit. The alternative is called Tor.

The benefit of using Tor besides JAP is beside anonymous connection it can also allow user to tunnelling and forwarding/redirecting port.

Here is the list of packages/software that you need to install,

  • Tor [1],

  • Privoxy [2],

  • dante [3] or tsocks [4],

  • Tork (Optional, GUI for Tor) [5]

In OpenSuSE you can install it from RPM directly. You can search for packages in [6].


Privoxy Setting Example

Edit file /etc/privoxy/config,

actionsfile	standard       # Internal purpose, recommended
actionsfile	default        # Main actions file
actionsfile	user           # User customizations
filterfile	default.filter
logfile		logfile
debug		4096           # Startup banner and warnings
debug		8192           # Errors - we highly recommended enabling this
toggle		1
buffer-limit	4096
forward /	  # redirect http traffic to your proxy
forward :443   # redirect https traffic to your proxy
forward-socks4a	/  # redirect socks traffic to tor

Tor Setting Example

Edit file /etc/tor/torrc,

SocksPort          9050         # port for client connections
SocksListenAddress    # accept connections only from localhost
DataDirectory      /var/lib/tor
ControlPort        9051	        # for tork (optional)
Nickname           bubu


mapaddress  mejokbp2brhw4omd.onion # for IRC
mapaddress  5t7o4shdbhotfuzp.onion # for IRC

Dante Setting Example

resolveprotocol: fake
route {
        from: to: . via: port = 9050
        protocol: tcp
        proxyprotocol: socks_v4 socks_v5


After everything is set now we need to run it one by one,

	# rcprivoxy restart
	# rctor restart

Next, you need to set your application to use as http/https proxy or for SOCKS.

Tor also has an utility to wrap application to connect to local tor, it name is torify. Example,

	$ torify kopete