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"goodbye, and don’t miss me!"

Thank you to Yahoo! that has been with me, for almost 4 years in the internet.

Today I am deleting my account '’ in Yahoo!

Rest in peace Yahoo
    ** This is only a notification. You do NOT need to respond. **

    This email is to confirm that your Yahoo! account, "mshulhan,"
    has been recently terminated per your request. Your account
    has been deactivated and will be deleted from our user registration
    database in approximately 90 days. This delay is necessary to
    discourage users from engaging in fraudulent activity. To satisfy
    terms agreed to in the Yahoo! Finance Terms of Service, personal
    information for users subscribed to Yahoo! Finance Premium
    Services will be kept by Yahoo! for at least 3 years after the
    subscription date.

    If you did not request this action or believe you've received
    this message in error, please contact

    Thank you for using Yahoo!. You can always sign up for a new
    account by clicking on any "Sign In" or "Sign Me Up" link
    appearing on the front page of most Yahoo! Services.

    Yahoo! Member Services

And guest what …​ today is March 2 celebrating their success in the web.