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Changelog in 2021 (this document). This is changelog for share module since v0.22.0 until v0.32.0.

Changelog in 2020. This is changelog for share module since v0.12.0 until v0.21.0.

Changelog from 2018 to 2019. This is changelog for share module since v0.1.0 until v0.11.0.

share v0.32.0 (2021-12-03)

This release bring major changes and enhancements to package dns and math/big.

Breaking changes

  • math/big: refactoring AddFloat to accept variadic interface{}

    Previously, the AddFloat function only accept two interface parameters.

    This changes make the AddFloat to accept many interface parameters.

  • math/big: refactor NewFloat to accept interface{} instead of float64 only

    The following types is added and can be initialized to Float: []byte, uint, uint16, uint32, uint64, big.Int, *big.Int, big.Rat, and *big.Rat.

  • math/big: refactoring the Rat

    The promise of this package is to provide the Rat type with RoundToZero and without panic.

    In order to do that we remove the MustRat() function and check for nil on pointer receiver before doing operation, and check for zero value when doing quotation.

    Another breaking changes are,

    • Humanize() with nil pointer receiver will return string "0"

    • Any IsXxx() methods with nil pointer receiver will return false

    • MarshalJSON() will nil pointer receiver will return "null" instead of "0" now

  • lib/dns: refactoring, change signature of client Lookup

    Previously, Lookup() method on Client pass the question name, type, and class as parameters.

    This changes make those parameters into MessageQuestion.

  • lib/dns: refactoring ZoneFile into Zone

    Reason: A Zone is not always represented by file, it just that in this package, it is.

    This changes rename the type ZoneFile into Zone.

  • lib/dns: refactoring message question

    Previously the type for message question section SectionQuestion.

    This changes, rename the type to MessageQuestion.

  • lib/dns: refactoring the section header

    This changes rename the SectionHeader into MessageHeader.

    The pack() method is optimized with the following results,

    benchmark old ns/op new ns/op delta BenchmarkMessageHeader_pack-8 66.2 21.7 -67.31%

    benchmark old allocs new allocs delta BenchmarkMessageHeader_pack-8 3 1 -66.67%

    benchmark old bytes new bytes delta BenchmarkMessageHeader_pack-8 32 16 -50.00%

    The unpack() method is simplified by minimizing the if-condition.

    This changes also fix the pack and unpack OpCode for value other then 0, due to wrong shift value, 2 instead of 3.

  • lib/dns: refactoring, introduce new type RecordClass

    Previously, the record class is represented by uint16 using prefix QueryClassXxx.

    This changes make the record class to be an independent type, to make code more strict (prevent passing invalid value), and readable.

  • lib/dns: refactoring, create type RecordType to represent type of RR

    Previously, we use uint16 to represent type for ResourceRecord Type or Question type.

    To make the code more strict, where parameter or return value, must be expected as record type, we add new type to represent the RR type: RecordType.

    This changes also rename any variable name of QType or qtype to RType or rtype because QType is misleading. The type defined the ResourceRecord to be queried not only question.

  • lib/dns: remove the fallback name servers (NS) from server options

    The original idea of fallback NS is to send the query to the one define to original resolv.conf, instead of using the one defined by user in ServerOptions NameServers, when an error occured.

    But, most of error usually caused by network (disconnected, time out), so re-sending query to fallback NS does not have any effect if the network it self is not working.

    This changes remove the unnecessary and complex fallback NS from server.

New features

  • lib/dns: add support to save and load caches to/from storage

    The CachesSave method write the non-local answers into an io.Writer, encoded with gob.

    The CachesLoad method load the gob encoded answers from an io.Reader.

  • lib/ssh: use agent defined by config or from environment variable

    Previously, we only check the environment variable SSH_AUTH_SOCK to decide whether the client identity will fetched from agent or from private key file.

    This changes use the GetIdentityAgent from config Section to derive the path to unix socket. It will return an empty string if the IdentityAgent is set to "none" in the Section or when SSH_AUTH_SOCK is not exist or empty.

  • ssh/config: add support for section variable IdentityAgent

    There are four possible value for IdentityAgent: SSH_AUTH_SOCK, <$STRING>, <PATH>, or "none". If SSH_AUTH_SOCK, the socket path is read from the environment variable SSH_AUTH_SOCK. If value start with "$", then the socket path is set based on value of that environment variable. Other string beside "none" will be considered as path to socket.

Bug fixes

  • math/big: return nil on Quo and QuoRat instead of panic

    Previously, if the first parameter of Quo or the second/next parameters of QuoRat is not convertable to Rat or zero, the method/function will panic.

    This changes make it less intrusive, instead of panic we check for zero value and return nil immediately.

  • lib/dns: do not cache truncated answer

    Previously only answer with non-zero response code is ignored.

    This changes ignore also answer where response header is truncated.


  • lib/dns: realign all struct fields

    Turns out the struct that we frequently used, answer and resource_record, is not optimized.

    answer.go:15:13: struct with 56 pointer bytes could be 24 = 32 bytes
    resource_record.go:24:21: struct with 56 pointer bytes could be 40 = 16

    This changes reorder all structs field to save space in memory.

  • lib/dns: make the TCP forwarders as complementary of UDP

    The TCP forwarders only active when client send the DNS request as TCP. When the server receive that request it should also forward the request as TCP not as UDP to prevent the truncated response.

    Another use case for TCP is when the response is truncated, the client will send the query back through TCP connection. The server should forward this request using TCP instead of UDP.

  • lib/dns: use different packet between UDP and TCP messages

    Previously, all packet size for reading and sending the message is fixed to 4096, even on UDP.

    This changes set the UDP packet size maximum to 512 bytes and others to 4096 bytes.

    While at it, minimize copying packet if its not reusable inside a method.

share v0.31.0 (2021-11-04)

Breaking changes

  • lib/memfs: move the embedded parameter to Options

    Since the GoEmbed can be called only when MemFS instance is initiated, it would be better if parameters for GoEmbed also initialized in the struct Options. In this way any additional parameters needed to add to GoEmbed does not changes the method signature in the future.

    This commit add new type EmbedOptions that contains the parameters for GoEmbed.

    In this new type, we add new field EmbedWithoutModTime. if its true, the modification time for all files and directories are not stored inside generated code, instead all files will use the current time when the program is running.

  • lib/totp: make the New to accept only hash with SHA1, SHA256, or SHA512

    Previously, the first parameter to New is a function that return hash.Hash. This signature can be misleading, because md5.New also can return hash.Hash but not usable in TOTP.

    This changes update the New function signature to accept defined type that can be set to SHA1, SHA256, or SHA512.

  • lib/bytes: refactoring and cleaning up the bytes package

    The bytes package, and many other packages in this module, is written when I still learning and using the Go language for master thesis. Some of the code, like function signature, does not follow the Go idiom, at least not how the Go source code looks like.

    A breaking changes,

    • WriteUint16 and WriteUint32 accept slice only without pointer. There is no need to pass slice as pointer to function if we want to modify the content, as long as the backing storage is not changed.

    Bug fixes,

    • PrintHex: fix print layout on the last line

    • ReadHexByte: fix possible index out of range

    • SkipAfterToken return -1 and false if no token found, as promised in the comment, instead of the length of text.

    We move all unit test to example so we have test and example in the documentation at the same time.

    This changes make all test coverage 100%.

  • lib/bytes: refactoring AppendXxx functions

    Previously, we pass pointer to slice on AppendInt16, AppendInt32, AppendUint16, and AppendUint32 functions. This model of function signature is not a Go idiom. It is written when I am still new to Go.

  • lib/ascii: change signature of ToLower and ToUpper

    Using pointer to slice on method or function is not a Go idiom. It is created when I still new to Go.

  • lib/memfs: refactoring Node field V into Content

    The reason why the field named V is because it’s short. It’s come from my C/C++ experience that got carried away when writing this package.

    Now, after having more time writing Go, I prefer clarity over cleverity(?).

  • lib/memfs: set the node modification time in embedded file

    This changes set all node modification time in embedded files to the node modTime using Unix() and Nanosecond() values.

    Since the time will always changes we need to remove the test to generate file gen_test.go to prevent the file being modified and re-adding the same file every time we run local tests.

New features

  • lib/ini: add function IsValidVarName

    The IsValidVarName check if "v" is valid variable name, where the first character must be a letter and the rest should contains only letter, digit, period, hyphen, or underscore. If "v" is valid it will return true.

  • lib/memfs: set the node modification time in embedded file

    This changes set all node modification time in embedded files to the node modTime using Unix() and Nanosecond() values.

    Since the time will always changes we need to remove the test to generate file gen_test.go to prevent the file being modified and re-adding the same file every time we run local tests.

  • lib/io: add method String to FileState type

    The String method return the string representation of FileState. Usually used only for debugging.

  • lib/smtp: implement method Noop on Client

    Noop send the NOOP command to server with optional message.

    On success, it will return response with Code 250, StatusOK.

    While at it fix double call to recv on Reset() method.

  • lib/smtp: implement method Reset on Client

    The Reset() method send the STMP RSET command to the server.

    This command clear the current buffer on MAIL, RCPT, and DATA, but not the EHLO/HELO buffer.

    On success, it will return response with Code 250, StatusOK.

Bug fixes

  • lib/ascii: fix IsHex return false on 0

  • lib/memfs: fix parent empty directory not removed

    Use case:


    If x/y is empty, and x processed first, the x will not be removed.

    This commit fix this, by sorting the paths in descending order first to make empty parent removed clearly. In above case the order or check become,


    While at it, update an example of New to give preview of input and what the expected output for certain operations.

  • lib/xmlrpc: rewrite the Client connection using lib/http

    Using socket connection require reading the HTTP response header before we can process the response body.

    Instead of rewrite the parser, use the lib/http to send and receive the request/response.

  • lib/io: do not use absolute path on dummy Watcher parent SysPath

    Converting that parameter path to absolute path may cause unpredictable result on module that use it.


  • lib/ini: add example of marshal/unmarshaling of section with sub

    This changes also fix the example of field tag on marshaling the map.

  • lib/io: add method String to FileState type

    The String method return the string representation of FileState. Usually used only for debugging.

  • lib/memfs: remove unnecessary initialization on NewNode

    The zero value for V ([]byte) is already nil and Node.Childs ([]*Node) does not need to be initialized with make if size is 0.

  • lib/io: use t.Cleanup instead of defer on test

share v0.30.0 (2021-10-04)

Breaking changes

  • lib/io: separate FileState for updated mode and content

    Previously, when content of file being watched is modified, it will trigger the callback with State set to FileStateModified. When the mode of file is modified, it will also trigger the callback with the same state.

    This changes separated those state into two kind: FileStateUpdateMode for update on file mode, and FileStateUpdateContent for update on file content.

New features

  • lib/memfs: export the Node Update method

    The Update method update the node metadata or content based on new file information. It accept two parameters: the new file information, newInfo, and maximum file size, maxFileSize.

    The newInfo parameter is optional, if its nil, it will read the file information based on node’s SysPath.

    The maxFileSize parameter is also optional. If its negative, the node content will not be updated. If its zero, it will default to 5 MB.

    There are two possible changes that will happen: its either change on mode or change on content (size and modtime). Change on mode will not affect the content of node.

  • lib/strings: add function Alnum

    The Alnum remove non alpha-numeric character from text and return it. Its accept the string to be cleanup and boolean parameter withSpace. If withSpace is true then white space is allowed, otherwise it would also be removed from text.

Bug fixes

  • lib/memfs: fix symlink to directory not included on mount

    During mounting and scanning a directory, if the node is symlink to a directory, the isIncluded will return false because the node is not a file nor directory.

    The fix is to check if node mode is symlink first and then get the the real stat.

  • lib/io: fix NewWatcher when called DirWatcher

    When NewWatcher called from DirWatcher’s Start(), it will called NewNode with nil parent parameter. If the parent parameter is nil on NewNode the SysPath of new node will be set to the FileInfo.Name() instead of full or relative path based on current working directory.

    Any operation using new node SysPath will failed because the path does not exist or reachable from current directory.

    For example, let say we have the following directory tree,

    +--- A
    +--- B

    We then set DirWatcher Root to "testdata" from current directory. The DirWatcher Start then iterate over all child of "testdata" directory, and call NewWatcher("testdata/A", …​). On the NewWatcher, it will call NewNode(nil, FileInfo, -1). Now since the parent is nil, the Node.SysPath will be set to FileInfo.Name() or base name of the file, which is "A".

    Later, when node content need to be read, ioutil.ReadFile("A") will fail because the path to "A" does not exist on current directory.

    This fix require to force the parameter "parent" on NewNode to be required.

  • lib/memfs: fix possible data race on PathNode

    During Memfs Get(), if the node returned by PathNodes.Get() is null, the memfs instance will try to refresh the directory tree. In case the requested path exist, the memfs will write to PathNodes through AddChild()

    At the same time, there maybe a request to access another path, which cause both read and write occured.

  • lib/memfs: fix NewNode if node is symlink to directory

    Previously, if a symlink point to directory the memfs NewNode function will return an error,

    AddChild wui: NewNode: read x/y: is a directory

    which cause the files inside y cannot be scanned (404).

    This commit fix this issue by checking if the original node mode is a directory and return immediately.


  • lib/memfs: check error on File Close on GoGenerate

    Previously, we ignore the error for call to Close when there is an error in previous operation.

    This changes check the error returned from Close and add it to the returned error message.

    While at it, use consisten prefix for all returned error: "MemFS.GoGenerate".

  • lib/http: support server caching file system using ETag

    If the Server handle file system using MemFS, server will set the ETag [1] header using the file epoch as value.

    On the next request, server will compare the request header If-None-Match with the requested file epoch. If its equal server will return the response as 304 StatusNotModified.

  • lib/xmlrpc: convert the value using Sprintf on GetFieldAsString

    Previously, the GetFieldAsString will return empty string if the Value type is not string.

    In this commit, we force the value to be string by converted it using fmt.Sprintf.

  • math/big: add some examples of Rat.Int64() and RoundToNearestAway


  • github: update the Go version to v1.17.1

  • lib/strings: update comment and example of TrimAlnum

share v0.29.2 (2021-09-06)

Bug fixes

  • os/exec: fix escaped quote inside the same quote

    Shell quote is a hell of complex. For example, one can write shell that execute command that contains quote of quote,

    sh -c "psql -c 'CREATE ... IDENTIFIED BY PASSWORD '\''pass'\'''"

    or to simplify,

    sh -c "psql -c \"CREATE ... IDENTIFIED BY PASSWORD 'pass'\""
  • lib/memfs: fix empty ContentType if MaxFileSize is negative

    A negative MaxFileSize means the content of file will not be mapped to memory, but the content type should be detected for other operation.

  • lib/memfs: fix empty file not being added to tree

    Previously, we did not check if the file size is 0 before reading the content or updating the content type, which cause the read on file return io.EOF and the file not added to caches.

    This commit fix this issue by checking for zero file size and for io.EOF when reading the file content.

  • lib/memfs: fix symbolic link with different name

    Previously, if file is symbolic link and has different name with their original file, it will return an error when we tried to open the file

    parentpath/filename: no such file or directory

    because we use the original file name, not the symlinked file name.

    This commit fix this issue by not replacing the original FileInfo for symlink but by setting only the size and mode.

  • lib/sql: do not run migration if the last file not exist on the list

    Previously, if the last migrated file name not found on the migration directory, we start executing migration start from the first file.

    This changes the behaviour to not run any migration at all. Since we cannot return it as an error, we only log it. In the future we may return it.

  • lib/http: fix missing content type for XML Header

    If the Endpoint set the RequestType to RequestTypeXML, the response header should be set to ContentTypeXML.

  • lib/xmlrpc: fix missing port on NewClient

    Calling net.Dial or tls.Dial on host without port will cause the following error,

    NewClient: Dial: dial tcp: address missing port in address

    This changes fix this by always generate new host value using previous host and port values.

  • lib/smtp: return io.EOF if no data received from server

    This is to prevent the recv return nil on *Response without an error, which may cause panic on caller side.

  • os/exec: check for escaped backslash when ParseCommandArgs

    Given the following string "cmd /a b" to ParseCommandArgs now return "cmd" and ["/a b"] not ["/a", "b"], because the space after a is escaped using backslash.


  • lib/memfs: set default content type for empty file to "text/plain"

    An empty file should be able to be displayed as text file instead of downloaded as binary.

  • lib/memfs: change the MarshalJSON to always return an object

    Previously, MarshalJSON on memfs will return an object of map of all PathNodes and on Node it will return an object.

    This changes make it the JSON response consistent. If its directory it will return the node object with its childs, without "content". If its file, it will return the node object with content.

    While at it, use single "mod_time" with value is epoch and return the node ContentType as "content_type".

  • lib/mlog: implement io.Writer and add function ErrorWriter

    The ErrorWriter will return the internal default MultiLogger. A call to Write() on returned io.Writer will forward it to all registered error writers.

    A Write method on MultiLogger write the b to all error writers. It will always return the length of b without an error.

  • lib/memfs: add method Save and Encode

    The Save method will write the new content to file system and update the content of Node using Encode().

  • lib/ssh: add method to set session output and error

    Previously, all of the SSH output and error goes to os.Stdout and os.Stderr.

    This changes add method SetSessionOutputError to change the output and error for future remote execution.


  • lib/reflect: make the IsNil tests to become an example

    In this way we do test and provide an example at the same time.

    While at it, add another test cases for boolean, initialized slice, map, and errors.

  • lib/websocket: try to fix flaky test on client

    The following error thrown when running on Github Action using Ubuntu-latest and Go 1.16.3,

    client_test.go:472: write tcp>
    write: connection reset by peer

    This may be caused by using the same client connection on all test cases.

    We try to fix this by creating new client on each test cases.

share v0.29.1 (2021-08-06)

Revert the "lib/errors: return the internal error only if its not nil on Unwrap".

Returning instance of e on Unwrap will cause recursive call.

The correct solution to convert an error to errors.E is by implementing the As method.

share v0.29.0 (2021-08-06)

New feature

ssh/sftp: new package that implement SSH File Transport Protocol v3

The sftp package extend the package by implementing "sftp" subsystem using the ssh.Client connection.

Breaking changes

  • text/diff: add functions to compare raw bytes as text and text.Lines

    This changes refactoring some functions, notably,

    • Rename Bytes function to IsEqual

    • Rename Lines function to Bytes

    • Add function Text that compare two text (raw bytes)

    • Add function Lines that compare two instances of text.Lines


  • lib/mlog: add function and method Panicf

    The Panicf method is equal to Errf followed by panic. This signature follow the log.Panicf convention.

  • lib/text: implement function to parse raw bytes into Lines

  • lib/text: implement Stringer on Chunk and Line types

  • lib/memfs: implement json.Marshaler on MemFS and Node

    Previously, without MarshalJSON, encoding the MemFS or Node object will result in incomplete information, for example, missing name, modification time, and size.

    This commit implement the json.Marshaler in MemFS which encode the PathNode sorted by keys in ascending order.

  • lib/bytes: print the ASCII character on the right side on PrintHex

    Previously, PrintHex only print the hex value of all bytes with specified length.

    This changes also print any printables ASCII characters (char 33 through 126) in the right side column to view readable contents.

  • lib/totp: lib/totp: increase the maximum steps back on Verify from 2 to 20

    The value 20 means the Verify will check maximum 20 TOTP tokens or 10 minutes to the past.

  • lib/http: check request path as HTML file on getFSNode

    Previously, if the request path is not exist we check if request contains index.html and if still not exist we return nil.

    This commit add another check by appending ".html" to the request path.

    So, for example, if path "/x" not exist in memfs, we check if "/x/index.html". If its still not exist, we check "/x.html".

Bug fix

  • lib/errors: return the internal error only if its not nil on Unwrap

    If the internal error is nil, the Unwrap method will return the instance of e itself.

share v0.28.0 (2021-07-06)

Breaking changes

  • lib/ssh: rename method Get to ScpGet and Put to ScpPut

    This changes is to make clear that the methods to copy the files, either from local or from remote, is using the "scp" through exec package, not using the native SSH file transfer protocol.

    While at it, use consistent log prefix for error message.

  • ssh: rename the NewClient function to NewClientFromConfig

    This is to differentiate it with x/crypto ssh package that have the same function name.

  • ssh: move the config parser to subpackage "config"

    There are two reasons for moving to sub-package. First, the code for parsing the ssh_config(5) take almost 99% of the lines in the ssh package. Second, in case we want to submit the code to upstream,, we need the package to be independent, less external dependencies as possible.

  • http: remove the Memfs field from Server

    Now that Options field has been exported, we did not need to have duplicate Memfs, so this field is removed in favor of Options.Memfs.


  • websocket: export the Options field on the Server

    Previously, the Options field is not exported to prevent user from changing it once it set through NewServer() function.

    This changes export the Options field to allow user of Server access its values. We can create a method on server to return read-only options, but that will over complicated the Server API.

  • http: export the Options field on the Server

    Previously, the Options field is not exported to prevent user from changing it once it set through NewServer() function.

    This changes export the Options field to allow user of Server access its values. We can create a method on server to return read-only options, but that will over complicated the Server API.

  • websocket: store all the handshake headers to Handshake.Header

    Previously only non-required headers are stored in the Handshake Header field, while the required header value stored on their respective fields.

    This commit store all request header key and values into the Header field.

share v0.27.0 (2021-06-05)

This release bring better functionalities, usability, and fixes for xmlrpc package.

Breaking changes

  • xmlrpc: change the Response to embed the errors.E

    The errors.E contains code and message that also implement wrapping and unwrapping error, so we can use the Response as error just like in http.EndpointResponse.

  • xmlrpc: write the XML header when marshaling request not on client

    Previously, the XML header is added when sending the request using client.

    This commit changes it to write the header when marshaling the Request instance.

  • xmlrpc: replace Value field for struct with map of string and value

    Previously, for param with type "struct" is represented by slice of Member{Name,Value}.

    This commit changes the Value field for "struct" to a map of string and value for easily access the struct’s member, without looping.

  • xmlrpc: refactoring the parser for decoding XML-RPC request

    This changes,

    • method to parse XML-RPC request,

    • change the Member field Value type to pointer to Value,

    • change the Request field Params type to slice of pointer of Value,

    • change the Response field Param type to pointer to Value,

    • rename the Value fields from Members to StructMembers and Values to ArrayValues

New features

  • memfs: add function to Merge one or more instance of MemFS

    The Merge function merge one or more instance of MemFS into single MemFS instance.

    If there are two instance of Node that have the same path, the last instance will be ignored.

  • xmlrpc: add method to marshal Response

  • mlog: add function and method PrintStack

    The PrintStack function or method will writes to error writers the stack trace returned by debug.Stack.


  • http: add request type for XML

    Setting Endpoint’s RequestType to RequestTypeXML will check the content type of HTTP request to match with "text/xml".

Bug fixes

  • memfs: set the field Parent on Node AddChild

  • xmlrpc: convert the uint8 and uint16 as type Integer, and Uint as Double

    Previously, uint8 and uint16 will be converted as Double, but those types are in range of four bytes so it can still be handled by int32.

  • xmlrpc: set client response IsFault when StatusCode >= 400

    Previously, we set IsFault to true if the HTTP response code not equal to 200 only, which is not always correct.

    This commit changes it to check any status code that is greater or equal to 400.

  • memfs: fix test by checking multiple content-types

    On Arch Linux with Go tip, the content-type for JavaScript file is "text/javascript". While on Ubuntu with Go 1.16 the content-type for JavaScript file is "application/javascript".

share v0.26.0 (2021-05-03)

New features

  • math/big: add method Add, IsLess, IsGreater, and Scan on Int

    The Add method simplify addition of one value to current Int.

    The IsLess and IsGreater method simplify comparing Int with any value.

    The Scan method allow the Int to be used on sql Scan().

  • math/big: add method IsZero on Int

    The IsZero method will return true if the current i value is zero.

  • big: extends the standard big.Int

    The standard big.Int does not implement sql/driver.Valuer interface, which make it not usable when querying or doing update/insert with database.

    This commit extend the big.Int and simplify creating new Int from any values using NewInt().

    Also, make it support marshal/unmarshal JSON


  • sql: make the column filename on table _migration as primary key

    This will allow deleting the record by filename instead of requiring all columns.

  • http: add the Total field to EndpointResponse

    The Total field contains the total number of all records, while the Count fields only contains the total number of records in Data.

  • http: add field Page to EndpointResponse

    The page field contains the requested page on current response. If page is from request then the offset will be set to page times limit.

    While at it, move the field comment to its declaration.

  • big: allow creating new Rat from uint64 and *big.Int

  • ssh: check for empty private key file on Get and Put

    If the private key file is empty, skip it for being added as parameter of scp command. This is to prevent warning message on user side.


  • memfs: update the test ContentType for JavaScript files

    The latest Go set the content type for JavaScript file as "text/javascript; charset=utf-8", not "application/javascript".

  • paseto: replace le64() function with binary.Write()

    The le64() return the string representation of uint64 in little endian, which is basically binary.Write with parameter output buffer, LittleEndian, and input value.

share v0.25.1 (2021-04-06)

Set the minimum Go version to 1.16

Commit 4cdd6b01c1 "http: add method to generate standard HTTP request on Client" use the io.NopCloser thats only available in Go 1.16. Either we move backward by replacing it with ioutil.NopCloser or we move forward by setting the minimum Go version to 1.16.

We choose to move forward.

share v0.25.0 (2021-04-06)

Breaking changes

  • all: refactoring the test.Assert and test.AssertBench signature

    Previously, the test.Assert and test.AssertBench functions has the boolean parameter to print the stack trace of test in case its not equal.

    Since this parameter is not mandatory and its usually always set to "true", we remove them from function signature to simplify the call to Assert and AssertBench.

  • all: refactoring http.Client methods signature

    Previously, parameters to method Delete, Get, Post, PostForm, PostFormData, PostJSON, Put, and PutJSON are in the following order:

    (headers, path, params)

    This is sometimes confusing. To make it better and works with format of HTTP request header,


    we move the path to the first parameter and headers as the second parameter, so the call to client methods would be

    (path, headers, params)
  • http: remove parameter contentType on Client method Put

    Since one can set the Content-Type in parameter headers, this parameter is become redundant.

New features

  • http: add method to generate standard HTTP request on Client

    The GenerateHttpRequest method generate http.Request instance from method, path, requestType, headers, and params.

    For HTTP method GET, CONNECT, DELETE, HEAD, OPTIONS, or TRACE; the params value should be nil or url.Values. If its url.Values, then the params will be encoded as query parameters.

    For HTTP method is PATCH, POST, or PUT; the params will converted based on requestType rules below,

    • If requestType is RequestTypeQuery and params is url.Values it will be added as query parameters in the path.

    • If requestType is RequestTypeForm and params is url.Values it will be added as URL encoded in the body.

    • If requestType is RequestTypeMultipartForm and params type is map[string][]byte, then it will be converted as multipart form in the body.

    • If requestType is RequestTypeJSON and params is not nil, the params will be encoded as JSON in body.

  • ssh: ask for passphrase if private key is encrypted on generateSigners

    In case the private key defined in IdentityFile is encrypted, prompt for the passphrase on the screen and read it from stdin using terminal.ReadPassword().

    This changes also remove call to generateSigners on postConfig(), instead invoke it from NewClient() to minimize multiple calls to generateSigners().

  • ssh: use the SSH agent to authenticate on NewClient

    Previously, the client use the IdentityFile on ConfigSection to Authenticate with the remote SSH server. In case the IdentityFile is Encrypted with passphrase, each time NewClient is invoked it will ask For passphrase.

    To minimize inputing the passphrase, we check if current use run the SSH agent through SSH_AUTH_SOCK environment variable and use the agent To generate signers.

    This method need manual key added by user to SSH agent before calling NewClient to make it works.


  • xmlrpc: add debug statements to print request and response

    The debug level is set minimum to 3. If its set it will print the request and response to standard output.

share v0.24.0 (2021-03-06)

Breaking changes

  • http: add prefix Header to constants AcceptEncoding and ContentEncoding

    Since both of those constants are used only for HTTP header, it could be more clear if we prefix it with "Header".

  • sql: change the parameter ExtractSQLFields to driver name

    Previously, we use the string as parameter to set the returned place holders.

    This commit changes the parameter to the driver name so if the value is "postgres" the place holders will be returned as counter, for example "$1", "$2", and so on.

  • http: rename "GenericResponse" to "EndpointResponse"

    Well, the hard thing in software is naming a thing. Using the term Generic is too generic, so we change it to make it closer with Endpoint.

  • http: refactoring parameters on Callback and CallbackErrorHandler

    Previously, the parameters to Callback has three types: the http.ResponseWriter, *http.Request, and []byte for response body. Not only the type names are long, there is no information on the registered Endpoint on the receiver of Callback.

    This changes wrap the three parameters into single type EndpointRequest with addition field Endpoint, which contains the registered Endpoint.

    On the CallbackErrorHandler we also have three parameters, but instead of request body we have an error.

    This changes store the error for CallbackErrorHandler inside EndpointRequest.Error field.

  • http: move the CORS options to separate struct

New features

  • http: add methods IPAddressOfRequest and ParseXForwardedFor

    The IPAddressOfRequest get the client IP address from HTTP request header "X-Real-IP" or "X-Forwarded-For" or from Request.RemoteAddr, which ever non-empty first.

    The ParseXForwardedFor parse the HTTP header "X-Forwarded-For" value from the following format "client, proxy1, proxy2" into client address and list of proxy addressess.

  • api/slack: create new client for webhook

    Unlike PostWebhook API which is close and open one connection at the time, the WebhookClient is keep open.

    Use the WebhookClient for long running program that post message every minutes or seconds.

  • mlog: implement MultiLogger

    MultiLogger represent a single log writer that write to multiple outputs. MultiLogger can have zero or more writers for standard output (normal log) and zero or more writers for standard error.

    The MultiLogger is buffered to minimize waiting time when writing to multiple writers that have different latencies. For example, if we have one writer to os.Stdout, one writer to file, and one writer to network; the writer to network may take more time to finish than to os.Stdout and file, which may slowing down the program if we want to wait for all writes to finish.

    For this reason, do not forget to call Flush when your program exit.

    The default MultiLogger use time.RFC3339 as the default time layout, empty prefix, os.Stdout for the output writer, and os.Stderr for the error writer.

    Format of written log,

    [time] [prefix] <message>

    The time and prefix only printed if its not empty, and the single space is added for convenience. Unlike standard log package, this package does not add new line to the end of message if its not exist.

  • http: export the HandleFS method

    The HandleFS handle the request as resource in the memory file system. This method only works if the Server.Memfs is not nil.

    If the request Path exists in file system, it will return 200 OK with the header Content-Type set accordingly to the detected file type and the response body set to the content of file. If the request Method is HEAD, only the header will be sent back to client.

    If the request Path is not exist it will return 404 Not Found.

  • clise: add method Pop

    The Pop method remove the last Push()-ed item and return it to caller. It will return nil if no more item inside it.

  • ini: add support for marshaling slice of struct

    Given a struct with exported field is slice of struct and tagged with section and sub-section, the exported field will be marshalled as,

    [section "sub"]
    field = value
  • ini: add support for marshaling pointer to struct and to time.Time

    Given the following field struct with tag,

    V *T `ini:"sec:sub"

    If the V is not nil, it will marshal it into,

    [sec "sub"]
    <field name or tag> = <field value>
  • ini: add support for un-marshaling to struct and slice of struct

  • big: add method that implement sql/driver.Valuer for type Rat

    The Rat.Value() return the value as []byte.


  • clise: make all methods safe for concurrent use

  • http: add fields for paging on GenericResponse

    If the response is paging, contains more than one item in data, one can set the current status of paging in field Offset, Limit, and Count.

    The Offset field contains the start of paging. The Limit field contains the maximum number of records per page. The Count field contains the total number of records.

Bug fixes

  • reflect: check using equal statement on IsNil

    Beside using IsNil(), return the last check using "v == nil".

share v0.23.0 (2021-02-05)

This release bring major refactoring to package memfs to allow embedding two or more directories in single package.

The minimum Go version is increased to 1.14.

Breaking changes

  • memfs: refactoring, allow multiple instances of memfs in single package

    Previously, the generated Go code from memfs can be used only once on the package that use it. For example, if we have two instances of memfs.MemFS and both of them call GoGenerate(), when we load them back again only the last one will be active and set the global variable memfs.GeneratedPathNode.

    This changes refactoring on how we use memfs by storing the generated path node into variable that is defined by user and pass them to New Options.

  • memfs: remove field WithContent

    The field WithContent is not necessary if we set MaxFileSize to negative value.

  • http: embed the memfs.Options into ServerOptions

    This is to minimize duplicate on fields names and give clear distinction between options for Server and options for serving files on memory using memfs.

  • io: embed the memfs.Options into DirWatcher

    This is to minimize duplicate configuration between DirWatcher and memfs, and to allow clear distinction between which options that affect the directory tree and options for DirWatcher.

  • memfs: allow AddFile to set internal path

    Previously, AddFile set the internal path equal to path of file to be included. This may cause conflict if the file is already included due to the same sys path but different internal path.

    This commit add parameter internalPath to set custom internal path in the memfs map.

  • memfs: refactoring Go generate code to use memfs.MemFS instance

    Instead of using memfs.PathNode, which is confusing for new user (what is PathNode?), we actually can use memfs.MemFS instance.

    This effect on how we use memfs in http package.

  • dns: change the SOA field in ZoneFile to non-pointer

    The reason we use pointer for SOA record is so we can save them only if its not nil. A nil SOA record cause the generated JSON become "null" and this is make the consumer of ZoneFile do more work, checking for the null and initialize it when required.

    This changes, make the SOA record to non-nil and we save the record only if the MName field is not empty.

  • dns: replace master word with zone

    This is for consistency for type and variable names.

  • sql: sort returned names on ExtractSQLFields sorted in ascending

    This is to make sure that any test that use the package always predictable.

    While at it, add paramter to change placeholder on ExtractSQLFields.

New features

  • http: add method Post on client

    The Post method send the POST request to path without setting "Content-Type".

  • lib/clise: new package that implement circular slice

    A circular slice is a slice that have fixed size. An append to slice that has reached its length will overwrite and start again from index 0.

    For example, a clise with size 5,

    c := clise.New(5)
    c.Push(1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
    fmt.Printf("%v\n", c.Slice()) // [1 2 3 4 5]

    If we push another item, it will overwrite the first index,

    fmt.Printf("%v\n", c.Slice()) // [6 2 3 4 5]

    See the examples for usage of the package.

  • time: add function UnixMicro that return UNIX time in micro seconds

  • api/slack: simple API for sending message to Slack using only standard packages.

  • runes: add function to inverse the slice of rune

    The Inverse function reverse the order of slice of rune without allocating another slice.

  • big: add method Humanize

    The Humanize method return the r as string with custom thousand and decimal separator.

  • big: add method to round fraction to nearest non-zero value

    The RoundNearestFraction does not require precision parameter, like in other rounds function, but it figure it out based on the last non-zero value from fraction.


  • dns: change the error messages on ResourceRecord initAndInitialize

    This change make the error message more readable and understandable by consumer

  • dns: add method to get list of non-local caches in the Server

    The CachesLRU method return the list of non-local caches ordered by the least recently used.

    This changes affect the answer type which must be exported, including most of its fields, so consumer can access it.

Bug fixes

  • sql: check nil on Migrate parameter "fs" using reflect.IsNil

    If we pass nil pointer of type to fs, the if condition will not true and this cause panic because fs is not nil.

  • http: fix the package documentation

    The RegisterXxx methods on Server has been replaced with single method, RegisterEndpoint.

  • dns: fix saving the TXT record file on zone file

    The TXT record value must be wrapped with quote when stored on zone file.

share v0.22.0 (2021-01-06)

Breaking changes

  • contact: remove unused package proofn

  • sql: change the new client function parameter into struct of options.

New features

  • cmd: add new CLI "totp"

    The totp is a program to generate Time-based One-time Password from secret key.

  • totp: add method to generate n number of passwords


  • http: print client request if debug value is equal or greater than 2.

    If user set DEBUG environment variable or debug.Value to 2 or greater, the http Client will print the request (header and body) to the standard output.

  • ssh: print the private key file that has an error when generating signers