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Changelog in 2021. This is changelog for share module since v0.22.0 until v0.32.0.

Changelog in 2020 (this document). This is changelog for share module since v0.12.0 until v0.21.0.

Changelog from 2018 to 2019. This is changelog for share module since v0.1.0 until v0.11.0.

share v0.21.0 (2020-12-06)

Breaking changes

  • test: refactoring Assert with better error message

    The new Assert function use the reflect.DoEqual that return an error which describe which field have unmatched value.

New features

  • http: allow Endpoint to register custom error handler

    The new field ErrorHandler on Endpoint allow the implementor to define their own function to handler error from Endpoint.Call.

    If the ErrorHandler is nil it will default to DefaultErrorHandler.

  • totp: new package that implement TOTP protocol

    Package totp implement Time-Based One-Time Password Algorithm based on RFC 6238.

Bug fixes

  • parser: fix Line method that always return non-empty line

    In case of content end without new line, for example "anb", the Line() method always return "b, 0" on the last line.

  • smtp: update the expired test certificate

  • websocket: create buffered channel for running queue.

    This is to fix Stop() method waiting for running channel to be consumed.


  • big: update the latest expected error message with Go tip

  • http: add an example on how to write custom HTTP status code

    The example show how to use http.ResponseWriter.WriteHeader to write custom HTTP status code instead of relying on errors.E.

  • net: always return the host name or IP on ParseIPPort.

    Previously, if the address is an IP address the returned value is empty, for example "" will return empty host but with non-nil IP and port.

    This changes always return the host either as host name (the same as paremeter) or valid IP address.


  • all: replace the tasks to serve and generate docs using ciigo as library

    This way, one does not need to install ciigo binary, only require Go tools.

share v0.20.1 (2020-11-08)

Bug fixes

  • websocket: set TLSConfig to nil if Endpoint scheme is not https or wss.

    If user set TLSConfig but the Endpoint is not start with "https" or "wss", client open() method may return an error "Connect: tls: first record does not look like a TLS handshake".

  • paseto: add 5 seconds time drift when validating JSONToken


  • big: add method RoundToNearestAway and RoundToZero

    RoundToNearestAway round r to n digit precision using nearest away mode, where mantissa is accumulated by the last digit after precision. For example, using 2 digit precision, 0.555 would become 0.56.

    RoundToZero round r to n digit precision using to zero mode. For example, using 2 digit precision, 0.555 would become 0.55.

  • parser: add Stop method

    The Stop method return the remaining unparsed content and its last position, and then call Close to reset the internal state back to zero.


  • paseto: fix linter warnings

share v0.20.0 (2020-10-05)

New features

  • lib/paseto: a simple, ready to use, implementation of Platform-Agnostic SEcurity TOkens

    This implementation only support PASETO Protocol v2.

    This library focus on how to sign and verify data, everything else is handled and filled automatically.


  • dns: serve DoT without SSL if server is behind proxy or tlsConfig is null.

    Previously we only check for tlsConfig, if its null the DoT server will not running. There is a use case where the SSL terminated by proxy and the connection is forwarded to DNS server, so this changes accommodated it.

  • http: increase the debug level from 2 to 3

share v0.19.0 (2020-09-08)

Breaking changes

  • dns: unexport the Messsage’s Packet field

  • dns: change the HostsFile Messages to list of ResourceRecord

  • dns: unexport the master file path field

  • dns: refactoring the ResourceRecord values from []byte to string

    There are two reasons for this changes. First, to allow JSON encoded of ResourceRecord.Value without encoded to base64.

    Second, to minimize unreleased packet due to the backing storage is still used when assigned to Value (or any []byte field in RDataXXX).

  • dns: dns: split between MasterFile and masterParser

    While at it add field Records that contains unpacked ResourceRecord as mapping between domain and ResourceRecord.

    This is useful for client that need to edit the RR in MasterFile.

    This changes also unexport the Messages field, to access it use the method Messages.

  • websocket: move the server handler to ServerOptions

New features

  • dns: add method to remove local caches by names on Server

  • dns: add method to search caches

  • dns: add method Delete to MasterFile

  • dns: add method to remove RR from cache and master file

  • dns: add method to save the master records to file

  • dns: implement method to add new RR to master file

  • dns: add method to update/insert resource record to caches

  • dns: add method to initialize and validate ResourceRecord

  • websocket: add server options to change the connect and status paths

    Previously, there is only one option for server, the port where it will listen.

    This changes add option to change the connect path (default to "/" previously) and new path and handler for retrieving server status.

Bug fixes

  • dns: fix parsing SOA resource record data from master file

  • dns: stop all forwarders on Stop()

  • http: write the HTTP status code after setting content-type on error

  • ini: ignore the last empty line on unsetAll

share v0.18.0 (2020-08-06)

Breaking changes

  • big: add global flag MarshalJSONAsString

    MarshalJSONAsString define the default return behaviour of MarshalJSON(). If its true (the default) the returned JSON format will encapsulated in double quote, as string instead of as numeric.

  • dns: refactoring resource record fields

  • http: do not return error based on response code

    The error in doRequest should be about connection error, everything else should be handled by user.

  • http: allow setting response type when registering PUT

    User of this library may want to return something and they will suprised if the library always set the response type to None.

Bug fixes

  • http: fix panic if Request.Form is not initialized on


  • dns: add method to create Message from hostname and list of addresses

  • dns: add method to remove caches by names on Server

  • http: add method Put for Client

  • http: add method to convert RequestMethod to string

  • parser: add method to get single line

  • strings: add function to delete a value from slice of string

share v0.17.0 (2020-07-05)

Breaking changes

  • dns: replace RDataText with plain []byte

  • http: add parameter headers to client methods

  • http: return the http.Response as the first parameter

Bug fixes

  • http: initialize TLSClientConfig only if insecure is true

  • io: truncate file on Copy

  • websocket: fix race on pingTicker when stopping server


  • http: check for possible index.html file on getFSNode

  • http: add method Delete

  • http: add method Stop for HTTP server

  • http: check the number of bytes written on ResponseWriter.Write

  • http: log error if path not exist if debug value is set to 3 or greater

  • smtp: check for EOF when receiving data from server

share v0.16.0 (2020-06-05)

Breaking changes

  • dns: refactoring loading hosts and master files

    Instead of as methods in Server, we detach the LoadHostDir and LostMasterDir into functions that return list of filename and their content.

  • dns: disable serving DoH and DoT if port is not set (0)

    Previously, if HTTPPort or TLSPort is not set (0) we set it to default value and keep serving the DNS over HTTP and TLS. Sometimes, user may want to serve DNS over UDP only.

    This changes disable serving DNS over HTTP (DoH) and TLS (DoT) if port is not set, or 0.

  • email: rename ParseAddress function to ParseMailboxes

  • http: add parameter "insecure" when creating new client

  • ini: fix inconsistencies between empty string and boolean true

    In Git specification, an empty variable is equal to boolean true. This cause inconsistency between empty string and boolean true.

  • memfs: simplify the API, add directory parameter to New

    This changes add parameter directory to be mounted in New(), so user did not need to call Mount manually

    This cause the Mount method and its sibling, Unmount and IsMounted become unneeded, so we remove them.

Bug fixes

  • api/telegram/bot: fix request parameter on GetMyCommands

New features

  • bytes: add function MergeSpaces

    The function MergeSpaces will convert sequences of white space into single space ' '.

  • email: add methods to unmarshal/marshal Mailbox from/to JSON

  • email: add function to parse single mailbox

  • email: add function to create multipart text and HTML message

  • http: support CORS with white list of origin and headers

  • ini: add method UnsetAll to remove all variables in section and/or subsection that match with the key

  • ini: add method to Unmarshal ini values to struct

  • os/exec: new package to simplify the standard "os/exec"

    New extension to standard package is function ParseCommandArgs() that receive input as string and return itas command and list of arguments. Unlike strings.Fields() which only separated the field by space, ParseCommandArgs can detect possible single, double, or back quotes.

    Another extension is Run() function that accept the string command to be executed and their standard output and error.

  • sql: add method to migrate database schema

    The Migrate method migrate the database using list of SQL files inside a directory. Each SQL file in directory will be executed in alphabetical order based on the last state.

    The state of migration will be saved in table "_migration" with the SQL file name that has been executed and the timestamp.


  • api/telegram/bot: delete webhook upon setting new webhook

  • dns: do not load hidden hosts and master file

    Previously, the LoadHostDir and LoadMasterDir load all files inside the directory without checking if its hidden (starting with dot) or not.

    This changes make the hidden file not loaded so one can disable it temporarily by prefixing it with dot.

  • ini: make the add method append the variable after existing same key

  • memfs: make the Node Readdir works when calling from generated Go code

    Previously, the Go generated code from call to GoGenerate() set only mapping of path to node. Calling Readdir() using http.File using

    root, err := mfs.Open("/")
    fis, err := root.Readdir(0)

    will return nil on fis.

    This changes add all child nodes to generated node.

  • websocket: allow "https" scheme on Client’s Endpoint

share v0.15.0 (2020-05-04)

Breaking changes

  • big: check for zero length slice of byte or string on toRat

  • ssh: replace the ClientConfig with ConfigSection

New features

  • ssh: implement SSH client configuration parser — ssh_config(5)

  • api/telegram/bot: Go package for Telegram API Bot

  • http: implement a simplified HTTP client

  • net/html: new package to simplify the

    The x/net/html package currently only provide bare raw functionalities to iterate tree, there is no check for empty node, no function to get attribute by name, and no simple way to iterate tree without looping it manually.

    This package extends the package by adding methods to get node’s attribute by name, get the first non-empty child, get the next non-empty sibling, and to iterate each node in the tree from top to bottom.


  • big: return "0" instead of "<nil>" on Rat.String()

  • big: return false if Rat is nil on IsGreaterThanZero

  • http: add parameter to set default client’s headers

  • websocket: add method to gracefully Close the client connection

  • websocket: add routine that send PING control frame on Connect

Bug fixes

  • reflect: remove checking for method IsEqual on type reflect.Ptr

share v0.14.0 (2020-04-03)

Breaking changes

  • http: simplify server Endpoint registrations

    Previously, each endpoint with method DELETE, GET, PATCH, POST, and PUT require calling different call for registration. This change simplify it to one call only, "RegisterEndpoint", and the registration process will be handled automatically based on value on field Method.

  • mining/math: move the package from "lib/mining/" to "lib/" directory

New features

  • debug: add a wrapper for starting and stopping CPU profile

  • math/big: new package that extends the capabilities of "math/big"

    The "big" package add custom global precision, rounding mode, and number of digit precision after decimal point for all instance of Float that use the package.

  • reflect: new package that extends the standard reflect

    This package add new interface "Equaler", it is an interface that have single method "IsEqual()".

    Also, we have new function "IsNil(interface{})" that will return true if the value in interface{} is nil.

  • strings: add function SingleSpace

    The SingleSpace function convert all sequences of white spaces into single space ' '.


  • http: embed the standard http package instead of separate field

  • hunspell: return the stem instead of root word on Spell() method

  • hunspell: add Stem() method to Spell and Stem

    The Stem() method reduce inflected (or sometimes derived) words to their word stem, base, or root form.

  • hunspell: add Analyze() method to Spell and Stem

    The Analyze() method will return list of morphological fields of the word.

  • strings: check for other white spaces on MergeSpaces

Bug fixes

  • http: fix the content-length header not set if file is not cached

share v0.13.0 (2020-03-11)

Breaking changes

Set the minimum Go version to 1.13.

New features

  • hunspell: a library to parse the Hunspell file format

  • parser: provide a common text parser, using delimiters


  • dns: use net.Addr for primary and fallback UDP/tCP addresses

  • dns: change the mark of input/output in log output

  • io: add function to copy file

  • time: add functions to get Unix time in milliseconds (int64 and string)

  • websocket: allow custom TLS configuration on client

Bug fixes

  • dns: fix handling server without fallback forwarder

  • dns: check for nil DNS-over-TLS server on server’s Stop

share v0.12.0 (2020-02-13)

Breaking changes

  • bytes: move function JSONEscape and JSONUnescape to package json

  • strings: move JSONEscape and JSONUnescape to package json

  • time: change the Microsecond return type from int to int64

  • websocket: change the RouteHandler signature to return Response

New features

  • json: new packages to work with JSON

  • sql: a new package as an extension to "database/sql"

  • xmlrpc: new package for working with XML-RPC


  • strings: add function to reverse a string

Bug fixes

  • dns: fix index out of range when unpacking OPT RR