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Changelog in 2021. This is changelog for share module since v0.22.0 until v0.32.0.

Changelog in 2020. This is changelog for share module since v0.12.0 until v0.21.0.

share v0.11.0 (2019-12-26)

Breaking changes

  • dns: merge Start and Wait into ListenAndServe

New features

  • memfs: implement http.FileSystem on MemFS

  • memfs: implement http.File on Node

  • memfs: implement os.FileInfo on Node

  • memfs: implement io.Closer, io.Reader, and io.Seeker on Node


  • dns: allocate raw packet on receive

  • dns: log the number of pruned records

  • errors: add field Name and err

Bug fixes

  • dns: split between read and write timeout for TCPClient

share v0.10.2 (2019-12-07)

Bug fixes

  • dns: check for bad certificate when reading DoT request

  • dns: fix the use of goroutine on runForwarders

share v0.10.1 (2019-12-05)

Bug fixes

  • dns: close the connection if receiving zero packet on serveTCPClient

  • dns: increase and decrease number of forwarders only for primary forwarders

  • dns: make the stopper channel to be buffered

  • dns: check for nil forwarder

  • dns: check for nil connection on DoTClient’s Close

  • dns: check for zero query type and class on TCPClient Lookup method

  • dns: check for nil connection on Close at TCPClient

  • dns: minimize double looping on checking error at serveTCPClient

  • git: fix the test using full path URL and repository directory

  • io: fix test using existing file instead of generate file

  • net: handle interrupted system call on epoll Wait

  • ssh: fix test ClientConfig initialize on Github Actions

  • websocket: remove test for empty endpoint due to different format

  • websocket: fix zero response ID when error on handleText


  • dns: remove the use of pointer on Message fields

  • dns: remove the use of ResourceRecord pool

  • http: add method HTTPMethod to Endpoint

  • http: disable creating Memfs if Root options is empty

  • memfs: remove unneeded call to GeneratedPathNode.Set

  • mining: move commands to root

  • websocket: add examples of WebSocket as chat server and client

  • websocket: add new function to create broadcast response

  • websocket: add field Conn to represent connection in Request

  • websocket: check for read timeout on recv

  • websocket: remove unused error on NewServer

share v0.10.0 (2019-11-05)

New features

  • dns: implement client and server for DNS over TLS

  • ini: add method GetsUniq and ValsUniq that return uniq values only

  • net: implement network polling using epoll and kqueue

Breaking Changes

  • dns: change the server certificate options to load from files

  • ini: change Gets return as is, with duplicate values


  • dns: allow listening on DoH without requiring certificate

  • ini: support marshaling and un-marshaling time.Duration

  • ini: support marshaling and un-marshaling time.Time

  • ini: support marshaling and un-marshaling embedded structs

  • websocket: websocket: replace epoll implementation with libnet.Poll

Bug fixes

  • dns: return error code 4 if server receive unknown message class or type

  • dns: return an error if section question contains invalid packet

  • ini: fix return value for empty string in IsValueBoolTrue

  • strings: fix logic of Split function

  • websocket: set the response ID after calling handler on handleText

  • websocket: wrap the response with frame on sendResponse

share v0.9.0 (2019-10-08)

New features

  • bytes: add function to get all indexes of word in string

  • bytes: add function to take snippets from string by indexes

  • bytes: add function to get all indexes of token in string

  • ints: add function to merge two slices by distance

  • memfs: add method to add file directly as child of root

  • memfs: add method to Search content of files

  • sanitize: new package to sanitize markup document into plain text

    Current implementation have a function to sanitize the content of HTML.

  • strings: add function to convert slice of string to slice of slice of bytes

  • http: implement key binding in registered Endpoint’s Path

    Previously, only raw path can be registered on Endpoint. This changes implement key binding using colon ":" on path. For example, registering path "/:x/y" will bind key "x" to a string value that can be accessed on http.Request.Form using Get method.

Breaking Changes

  • ini: set variable with "=" without a value default to empty string

    Previously, a variable end with "=" will have value set to "true". For example,

    var =

    set the "var" value to string "true".

    This changes make the variable that end with "=" without any value to be an empty string, so "var" value is equal to "".

Bug fixes

  • ini: check for possible nil variable on Write

  • dns: allow message with non recursive-desired to be forwarded

    On macOS, turn out, all DNS queries have RD flag set to zero. This cause no DNS queries forwarded to parent server.


  • http: export the Memfs field on Server

    User of HTTP can use the Memfs field to get the content manually or to Search the content.

  • http: add content and response type HTML and XML

  • memfs: export the Decode method on Node

share v0.8.2 (2019-09-05)


  • http: make the request body always available even after ParseForm()

    Previously, if the request type is query, form, or JSON, we call the ParseForm() to let the http.Request read the Body POST form data and fill the Form and/or PostForm fields. This method will cause the request Body will become empty since its already read and closed. One of use case of POST with form data is to check the integrity of POST body using checksum, which is not possible using only ParseForm(). This commit read all the body first into reqBody and recreate the request Body back using ioutil.NopCloser and bytes.Buffer.

  • all: replace document generator from asciidoctor to ciigo

    Previously, generating HTML files from asciidoc files require installing ruby, asciidoctor, and its dependency through Gemfile. To simplify this, we replace it with ciigo. Ciigo not only can convert the asciidoc files but it also support serving the file inside HTTP server and watching changes on asciidoc files during development for local previewing.

  • memfs: log and ignore error from NewNode

    An error for calling NewNode should not stop processing all files in directory.

  • io: log and ignore error from NewNode

    An error for calling NewNode should not stop processing all files in directory.

share v0.8.1 (2019-08-05)


  • lib/ini: add functions to marshal/unmarshal bytes from/to struct.

    The format to marshal/unmarshal ini stream is behave like JSON.

  • lib/memfs: add method to encode the content of file.

    The ContentEncode() method encode each node’s content into specific encoding, in other words this method can be used to compress the content of file in memory before being served or written. Only file with size greater than 0 will be encoded. List of known encoding is "gzip".

  • lib/memfs: ignore generated output filename on GoGenerate

    In case the user Mount() the directory that include the generated output file, we want that file to be excluded from .go static source.

  • lib/memfs: set the Node Size to be zero if node is directory

share v0.8.0 (2019-07-09)

Breaking changes

  • All ASCII related contants and functions now being moved from bytes package to ascii package.

New features

  • ascii: new library for working with ASCII characters


  • dns: add method to restart forwarders

  • dns: add fallback nameservers

  • ini: create new section or variable if not exist on Set

share v0.7.0 (2019-06-14)

This release bring major refactoring on ini package to provide a clean and simple API.

Breaking Changes

  • ini: major refactoring

  • net: add parameter to check Fully Qualified Domain Name on IsHostnameValid

New features

  • spf: implementation of Sender Policy Framework (RFC 7208)

  • ssh: package ssh provide a wrapper to


  • dns: add function to lookup PTR record by IP address

  • dns: export Lookup method as part of Client interface

  • doc: regenerate to use new style

  • http: print the not-found path on Server’s getFSNode()

  • ini: add method Vars that return all variables as map

  • ini: add method to Rebase other INI object

  • ini: add method to add, set, and unset variable

  • ini: add method to convert key-value to map

  • ini: add method to get section object by section and/or subsection name

  • ini: add method to get variable values as slice of string

  • ini: add method to prune INI variables

  • ini: add methods to support templating

  • io: add function to check if content of file is binary

  • net: add function to check if IP address is IPv4 or IPv6

  • net: add function to convert IPv6 into dot format

  • ns: set log flag to 0, without time prefix

  • strings: add function to append uniq values to slice of strings

Bug fixes

  • io: watch changes on sub of sub directories on DirWatcher

  • dns: substract the message TTL when the answer found on cache

  • dns: always return true when answers RR exist and no TTL is zero

share v0.6.1 (2019-05-11)

  • memfs:

    • fix empty list names from MemFS created from GeneratedPathNode

    • set root if GeneratedPathNode is not empty

    • sort the generated file names

    • fix template when generating empty content

share v0.6.0 (2019-05-07)

This release bring major changes on dns package. Most notable changes are adding caches and query forwarding (recursion), and removing the server handler.

Breaking Changes

  • dns:

    • refactor server to use Start(), Wait(), and Stop()

    • use direct certificate instance on ServerOptions

    • rename Send to Write, and change the parameter type to slice of byte

    • remove "elapsed" parameter on Message.IsExpired()

    • unexport the Request type

    • remove receiver interface

    • unexport connection type

    • remove unused address parameter on client’s Query()

    • unexport all fields from UDP and TCP clients

    • remove TCPPort on ServerOptions

  • http:

    • change server initialization using options

  • io:

    • simplify Watcher to use callback instead of channel

  • memfs:

    • refactoring go generate file to use type from memfs

New features

  • crypto: new package that provide a wrapper for standard crypto library

  • dns:

    • add caches to server

    • add method to set AA, Query, RD, RCode on Message

    • add mapping of response code to human readable names

    • implement recursion, forwarding request to parent name servers

    • check for zero TTL on authorities and additionals RR on IsExpired

  • io:

    • implement naive directory change notification, DirWatcher

  • memfs:

    • add parameter to make reading file content become optional

    • add method to unmount directory

    • add method to check if memfs contains mounted directory

    • add method to update node content and information

    • export the method to add new child

    • add method to remove child from any node

  • smtp: add field DKIMOptions to Domain

Bug fixes

  • dns:

    • fix data race issue when running test

    • set the TTL offset when packing resource record

    • fix parsing TXT from zone file

  • http:

    • allow serving directory with slash

  • memfs:

    • fix possible invalid system path on file with symbolic link

    • refresh the directory tree in Development mode if page not found


  • add documentation for Sender Policy Framework (RFC 7208)

share v0.5.0 (2019-04-02)

This minor release is dedicated for websocket package. Major refactoring on server and client API to make it easy and extensible. The websocket is now 100% pass the autobahn testsuite (minus compression feature).

New features

  • cmd/smtpcli: command line interface to SMTP client protocol

  • ints: new package for working with slice of integer

  • ints64: new package for working with slice of 64 bit integer

  • floats64: new package for working with slice of 64 bit float


  • bytes:

    • change the Copy return type to non pointer

    • add function to concat slice of byte or string into []byte

  • ints: add function to remove value from slice

  • websockets:

    • Rewrite most of client and server APIs to be more simple and pass autobahn testsuite

    • Minimize global variables and unexport internal constants and functions

    • Handle interjected PING control frame from server

    • Generate random mask only if masked field is set

share v0.4.0 (2019-03-01)

New features

  • email: new package for working with Internet Message Format (RFC 5322)

  • email/dkim: new package for parsing and creating DKIM signature (RFC 6376)

  • email/maildir: new package to manage email using maildir format


  • bytes

    • add function to copy slice

    • add function to convert hexadecimal into byte

  • dns

    • add mapping of connection types and its names

    • print the section question type by string

    • add method to filter Message.Answer by specific query type

    • add pool for UDP client

    • add function to get list of system name servers

    • make UDPClient Query routine safe

    • increase the internal debug level from 2 to 3

  • http

    • add the charset type to content-type "text/plain"

    • listen and serve using TLS if TLSConfig is defined

    • add method to temporary redirect request to other location

  • ini

    • unexport the reader

    • add method to get all variable values with the same key

  • io

    • rename Reader SkipSpace to SkipSpaces

    • refactoring, export all fields for easy access on Reader

    • add method read one line with line feed

    • add method to unread N characters on Reader

    • optimize ReadUntil without append

    • add method to return the rest of unreaded buffer on Reader

    • return the character separator that found on SkipUntil

  • memfs

    • add method to dump files as Go generated source

    • add variable for allowing bypass file in memory

  • smtp (work in progress)

    • rename StorageFile to LocalStorage

    • implement server with local handler

    • add prefix Mail to methods in Storage interface

    • use different port between normal listener and TLS listener

  • time: add function to get micro seconds

Bug fixes

  • all: fix the usage of "iota"

  • dns: fix creating new UDP/TCP client without port number

  • memfs: check for empty directory on Mount

share v0.3.0 (2019-02-01)

Features Changes

  • lib/debug: add function to write heap profile to file

  • lib/debug: add type to store relative and difference on memory heap

  • lib/dns: remove request pool

  • lib/dns: export the connection field on UDPClient

  • lib/dns: add type of connection

  • lib/http: add parameter http.ResponseWriter to Callback.

  • lib/http: the RegisterXxx functions now use the Endpoint type.


  • Various fixes suggested by linters

  • doc: add four summary and notes about DKIM

  • doc: add summary of Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL)

  • doc: add summary on SMTP over TLS (RFC3207)

  • doc: add notes for Internet Message Format (RFC 5322)

  • doc: add documentation for SMTP and DSN

Bug fixes

  • lib/git: fix testdata and test input

share v0.2.0 (2019-01-02)

New features

  • lib/errors, package errors provide a custom error with code.

  • lib/http, package http implement custom HTTP server with memory file system and simplified routing handler.


Fix warnings from linters.

share v0.1.0 (2018-11-29)

The first release of share package contains one command line interface (CLI) and several libraries.

The CLI is gofmtcomment to convert comment from /**/ to //.

The libraries are bytes, contact, dns, dsv, ini, io, memfs, mining, net, numbers, runes, strings, tabula, test, text, time, and websocket.

Documentation for each package can be viewed at,

I hope it will be stay alive!